Virtual Assistant Westchester

Starting your very own business can be a scary thing.  There are countless of tasks that you may not know of that are necessary in order to get your business off on the right foot.  No matter where you are on your businesses timeline a Virtual Assistant may be of help.  Be it your first week or first year an extra pair of hands may be what your company needs.

When first starting off most small business owners feel that they are capable of taking on the world.  While this enthusiasm is great it is also misleading.  Tasks which may seem simple enough such as Social Media Management and Content Creation can be very time consuming taking away your focus from more important business matters.


Virtual Assistant Westchester

VA Personnel has been providing the people of New York quality work with our “Virtual Assistant Westchester” services. With us by your side you will be sure to meet all the demands the business world throws at you. Our “Virtual Assistant Westchester” services will make sure nothing falls through the crack providing you with the “meat and potatoes” of your business.

Our Virtual Assistant Services include:

  • Administrative Services
  • Tech Services
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Content Creation Services

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Affordable Virtual Assistant Company

Employing an administrative assistant may be costly the opposite is to be said about hiring a Virtual Assistant.  Clients who have used our “Virtual Assistant Westchester” services in the past have saved on their expenses when it comes to office space, office supplies and expensive equipment such as computers, printers, etc.

VA Personnel’s staff works as Independent Contractors filling out 1099 forms at the end of the tax year.  What does this mean for you?  Savings!  The use of Independent Contractors guarantees that you do not have to supply your Virtual Assistant benefits such as medical insurance, social security and pensions just to name a few.  Our “Virtual Assistant Westchester” services will keep your labor cost low.